Florida Birding Safari Report

Great egret in flight, St. Augustine, FL
Great egret in flight, St. Augustine, FL. Captured with a Nikon D810 and 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6 AFS G VRII lens, hand-held.

I’m winding up a successful photo safari in Florida. This year, we covered three main locations: Viera Wetlands, Merritt Island NWR, and the St. Augustine Alligator Farm. All of these places are hotspots for birds, depending on the time of year and how lucky you get. Right now is breeding season, so while Merritt Island isn’t quite as active, the Alligator Farm is literally alive with nesting activity. Continue reading Florida Birding Safari Report

Creative Techniques for the Traveling Photographer

When we hit the road, photographers are often faced with less than ideal conditions for photography. Often times, we can’t be at a location at the perfect time of day, or with the perfect weather and light. However, the well-prepared photographer knows how to work within the confines of the conditions at hand, and has a virtual camera bag that helps them deal with a variety of lighting conditions. In this presentation, I discuss how I’ve learned to adapt to a variety of conditions in the field and still come away with creative photographs by using both in-camera and post-processing techniques.

Review: Metabones Speed Booster Nikon F to Fuji X-Mount Adapter

If you are transitioning to a Fuji X-mount camera system, there may be times when you want to use your existing glass. For this, you need to get a lens mount adapter.

While a lens mount adapter lets you use your Nikon (or Canon) lenses with the Fuji X-mount bodies, there are some major limitations. You will have to use manual focus and set the aperture using a ring on the adapter barrel. Vibration reduction (VR) will not function, either. In my opinion, the reason you get one of these adapters is because you have a particular use for one of your existing lenses. In my case, I like to be able to combine my infrared-converted Fujifilm X-E1 body with my Nikon glass when traveling so that I don’t need to pack two sets of lenses. I have two adapters that I have tested with my Nikon lenses. Continue reading Review: Metabones Speed Booster Nikon F to Fuji X-Mount Adapter

Just out! New Lightroom tutorial video

Deliver impact in your digital images


I’m pleased to announce the release of my newest Lightroom tutorial video, Lightroom: Mastering Brushes & Gradients, is now available for download at Luminescence of Nature Press.

This 99 minute HD video includes a 54-page printable PDF companion and will teach you how to retouch images in Lightroom using local adjustment tools. From simple fill lighting effects to complex exposure corrections, you will learn which tools to use and how to use them for maximum impact.

Lightroom tutorials from Jason P. Odell

The Beauty of the Badlands (Webinar)

I first set foot in the South Dakota Badlands in 2005, when I went there on a Nikonians photo safari. My intent at the time was to capture dramatic landscape photographs. In 2011, I returned to this enlightening place as a full-time professional photographer

Part of growing as a photographer is seeing your subjects in new ways. In this presentation I show how focusing on specific elements like light, color and textures, and using creative techniques like infrared and HDR enable me to capture the beauty of this majestic landscape in new ways every year.

If you have ever wanted to step into an alien world and discover diverse photographic opportunities for landscapes and abstract photography, then join me and Deborah Sandidge in the South Dakota Badlands.

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